We believe to know God, that is – to really know God, not just knowing about God, is to love God.

Knowing God

And we are to “love God with all our heart, soul, and mind "(Matthew 22:37). So at the top of our priority list is to help people know God. One of the primary ways we do this is through our worship experiences, where we strive to usher in the Spirit of God every time we gather.

An important part of knowing God is being present in HIS place of worship to receive HIS Word deep within our hearts.

Join us in the house of the Lord, on the Sabbath (Sundays) at 11:00 AM to receive the Word of the Lord through our pastor's sermons, scripture readings and lessons, prayer and gospel spirituals.

The doors of the church are open! And our prayer is that everyone leaves feeling uplifted in the presence of the Lord.


Do you feel closer to God when you are when you are using your skills, talents and abilities to serve others? Whether your talent or gift is in the performing or creative arts, technology, education or hospitality, we'd like to help you take your worship experience to a whole new level! Contact the pastor below about how you might plug in with SSUMC!

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